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Roschitsa Kid's Party

Saturday- May 17, 2003

We were fortunate to be able to spend a few days at Roschitsa on this trip.  The children were so excited and laughed with giddiness at the sight of the "black goodie bag"!  On Saturday we had a huge party that lasted all day with only a break for nap time.  Around 10:00 am we showed up arms full with bananas, oranges, green and red apples, a varity of cookies and several different types of fruit juice.  The children are not used to such a splurge of sweet treats that if was an occassion that was to be memborable.  Before the children were led into the room we arranged the tables and the kitchen staff put out the best china and fresh flowers for the centerpieces.  It was a fantasy day for the children and when they came in you could hear all of the shreaks of delight!  After a wonderful breakfast we passed around stickers and lollipops and headed outside to play.  The children would of been pleased with that but we had more planned for after lunch.  We came back after lunch and naps at around 4:00pm and that is when the fun began.  We blew up balloons and chased them around the courtyards, we had a bubble blowing contest with the winner getting bragging rights and the control of the bubble bottle, we did face painting which turned into belly, legs, arms, lips and nail painting!  We covered the caretakers with stickers of bugs, flowers, stars and hearts which they so kindly endured!  Weplayed games and tried out all of the playground equipment and were privy to all of the secret hiding spots of the girls.  We had such a great time and really got to know each of these little personalities, it makes you want to bring all of them home.  Saying goodbye was the hard part but they know we will come back, the look in their eyes and the smiles from ear to ear are all that is needed to inspire our next visit.  At the end of the day each of the boys were given a good Matchbox car and the girls received a soft cuddly Beanie Baby.  We were also able to leave behind enough fruit and juice for a couple more meals.
If you would like to help fill the "black goodie bag" with some little party favorites please email me at for information and a list of items.
A healthy start to the day!
DumDum Lollipops are always a hit with the children.
Drawing rainbows and flowers for a sweet girl!
My wonderful friend Natasha having fun blowing bubbles
Jim hanging out with the boys talking about trucks!