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Karing for Kramatorsk
Happiness for a Child
People always ask me why I do this.....just look at these pictures and you will understand.
In September 2002 I visited group 10 at the Antoshka home.  I met this very shy, quiet little girl who seemed as though there was nothing for her to be happy about.  She would just sit on her own and never really joined in to play with the rest of the children.  I never found out her name but I always thought of here as the "lonely girl" 

Before Karing for Kramatorsk

Sensory Therapy for a child

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In May when I visited I was able to help the orphanage purchase some play and therapy equipment that was needed so much.  As you can see from this picture this little girl no longer sits in the corner.  She is smiling and playing and from what I hear has really come out of her shell and interacts and plays with the other children. It is with the help of many of you that we were able to help this child.  She now knows the joy of just being a kid and playing!

Same girl different expression!!

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