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Karing for Kramatorsk
Roschitsa Detsky Dom
Roschitsa Orphanage Kramatorsk, Ukraine
Assistant Director of Roschitsa Orphanage
There is no adoption information available on any of the children pictured here.
Putting on the Winter Play

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Hamming it up!

Roschitsa Detsky Dom in Kramatorsk sit on a tree-lined street where an old Soviet tank stands gaurd over the street's entrance.  Any visitor to Ukraine will be accustomed to finding relics of the Soviet military establishment scattered throughout the country in unlikely places as this tank is.   About 100 feet past the tank stands the Roschitsa Orphanage behind a black iron gate.  At first glance the building looks like a run down factory with overgrown brush and grass reaching up to the first floor window sills, a dilapitated tools shed, a pile of branches, and the standard tile over brick building exterior, complete with broken and chipping tiles and old windows.  The back of the building is much more inviting!  A tree covered lawn houses a modest iron playground for the children with a large array of different types of imaginative play areas.  There are sailboats and rockets as well as sand pits to dig in.  There are sounds of children's laughter heard throughout the grounds.  These children are well cared for and what little the orphanage has they seem to put the children's need for development first.  This is their home for 3 to 4 years until they go on to a boarding school and the caretakers try to make it a memorable home.  There are even colorful annual flowers that arch towards the sun from their place along the stairways that climb to the building's entrance.  The entrance way is dark but leads to a sunny playroom with small children's wooden chairs and wooden floors all overlooked by a piano and a smiling sun cut out of yellow paper.   There are modest toys for the children that are always within reach and neatly stored.  There is always something going on in that room, whether a play for visitors or music classes for the children.  You can even smell the days menu spreading through the hallways!  The orphanage director's office sits along the corridor overlooking the playroom and children march past smiling and waving to the propective adoptive parents waiting to begin seeing the children who may become the newest family members.  With the little that they have they have done a remarkable job making a wonderful orphanage and with our help we will enable them to do more for the children who come into their care. 

Playing Bus Stop!
Party at Roschitsa May 2003
Play Areas
Front Rear of Building

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